What Should You Put in Your Airbnb House Manual?

What Should You Put in Your Airbnb House Manual?

What Should You Put in Your Airbnb House Manual?

Guest manuals can leave a lasting impression

Remember when you’ve stayed in an hotel, apartment or short stay property? You’ve got limited time and you’re keen to make the most of it. So, you pick up the guest manual ready to discover adventures new, only to find a motley collection of dog-eared brochures, out-of-date takeaway menus and a few brief bullet points listing… well…not much.  At best, you feel a little unloved. Right?

Make sure your Airbnb house manual makes guests feel loved 

It’s not rocket science. Apart from obvious inclusions like house rules, think about how you can personalise and enhance your guests’ experience of your property and its surrounding area. Then, simply create a manual that would make you smile. Let’s get started.

The essentials

How things work

While popping instruction manuals into folder is easier for you, consider your guests. They need the key information fast. Which means adding a few little details about the foibles of say, the shower mixing tap and how sensitive it is. Or perhaps, how the Wi-Fi connection is slow in the kitchen and fast in the living room. It’s not that instruction manuals don’t matter, they do. But only you know those secret tips and tricks that will help to settle guests in and have them relaxing faster.

When it comes to manuals, the most obvious inclusions are electrical appliances like: microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, hairdryers, heaters, tumble dryers and stove. However, hosts often forget that hot water systems, vacuum cleaners, lighting, alarm systems, radio alarm clocks, digital radios, sound systems, TVs, streaming services, Wi-Fi and more, can be equally baffling. With a little thought, that list keeps on growing.

Who to call and where to go 

If you manage your own Airbnb rental, make sure your phone and email details are top of the list. We always recommend an alternative phone number too, just in case you’re out of reach and needed urgently. Apart from that leave numbers in a prominent place. Include: doctor (GP), dentist, vet (if you take pets) and police.

Handy numbers/addresses (and maps) of a local hairdresser, nail salon, beauty salon, barber, pharmacy, bakery, supermarket, delicatessen and so on, are always welcome and often forgotten.

Now for the nice stuff

Share your favourite spaces and…your favourite places

Most Airbnb guests choose Airbnb rentals because they can immerse themselves into an area and experience the sense of place. Heighten their experience by sharing your insider knowledge of the city or suburb you know so well.

It goes without saying, guests love to know your favourite cafes, restaurants and takeaway joints. You can go the extra mile by sharing things like:

  • Your favourite dish at each place, and why
  • The best coffee available, and why
  • A day of ideal dining – breakfast here, lunch there and dinner here
  • Pricing and value-for-money
  • Reviews and recommendations from online sites and local papers
  • Distance from you
  • How to get there, and more.

Of course, sharing well-known tourist spots is a must, but how about your favourite places? The ones that bring a smile to your face and are sure to delight?  The little-known local market (and your favourite stall), hidden speciality shops with memorable treats, nearby parks and ‘hidden’ public spaces. Even better, explain what you love, why, and when is the best time to go.

It’s worth remembering, the things we take for granted are often, the very same things your guests find so special. The type of insider knowledge that makes visitors feel like locals, enriches their experience and ensures they recommend your Airbnb property to their friends.

Add a touch of YOU!

Nobody said that Airbnb house manuals need to be boring, so feel free to add a dose of you, your personality and style. Having said that, there’s a fine line between what is and isn’t appropriate, so be mindful.

And finally

Do revisit your manual periodically to make sure things are up-to-date and still relevant. Throw out worn menus and refresh your collection of brochures and the like. Importantly, update essentials like Wi-Fi (or streaming services etc.) passwords if need be.

Remember, you want guests to feel loved so an outdated folder just won’t cut it. Get it right and you’ll be amazed at how much free PR can be achieved through your snappy, creative house manual. Which means, more word-of-mouth recommendations leading to… more bookings!

And if it all seems too much, give us a call on 0402 149 626

Just pick up the phone and have a chat, or contact us to find out more. You owe it to yourself, right?

Our Guests are happier. Happy Guests = Great Returns. Simple.

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