Property Management. Perth.

Property Management. Perth.

Property Management. Perth.

It’s a familiar term to many a search engine. ‘Property management, Perth.’ Short and sweet. The phrase ‘property management’ however, seems to mean different things to different people, probably because much depends on one’s personal needs. A seasoned investor, for example, may be looking for a property manager to secure reliable and trustworthy long-term tenants for their Perth property portfolio. In this situation, property management might also include marketing, coordinating maintenance and managing all associated interactions.  The idea is to let owners relax, enjoy the rental income and wait for those much sought-after capital gains. Others may have a family holiday home in say, beautiful Cottesloe that they offer for short-term stay or Airbnb rental.  Here, a property manager will be engaged to keep bookings up, manage key-drops, cleaning and more.

The fact is, property managers provide a range of services that can be tailored to match your particular needs.

At Easy Home Rentals we believe in taking the weight off your shoulders

Our clients are located in and around Perth’s Metro area. They are as diverse as the properties they own. The demand for our services is primarily in the full-service management of their short stay and Airbnb rental properties.

However, there are two types of property management to consider:

  1. Full service property management
  2. Select service property management

Full service property management

This is where the team at Easy Home Rentals excel. But, what does it mean?

Most clients prefer to hand over the entire marketing and management to us. It’s the headache and pain-free way to manage property and surprisingly cost-effective. Especially when you consider the time, work and inconvenient hours short-stay and Airbnb rentals can demand.

How does it work?

If you’re a new client, the process goes something like this:

  • We meet, get to know each other and discuss needs and expectations.
  • Next is a review of your property, where we share our expertise to help you maximise rental returns – consistently.
  • We check out the rental data for your area and benchmark your property with your competitors. This process ensures we suggest a marketable rent that’s appealing to renters and rewarding for you.
  • If you like what you hear and are keen to proceed, we agree on remuneration and finish the paperwork.
  • Preparing your home for rental comes next. Which may include cleaning, touch-ups and maintenance, interior styling and so on.
  • When your property looks its beautiful best, we capture it on camera with some stunning photography. Then the marketing begins.
  • We field enquiries, conduct viewings if necessary, screen potential guests and manage payments and agreements on your behalf.
  • Before your tenants arrive, we prepare your property to deliver a great first impression but also, a lasting one. (Great reviews and recommendations are gold.)
  • Key-drops are arranged, details finalised and preparation for a great welcome completed.
  • We’re also the go-to people in the unlikely event that things go wrong. We’ll take care of your tenants, keep you informed and lower everyone’s stress levels.
  • When your tenants leave, we assess your property, remove dirty linen and clean things up to have it fresh, fabulous and ready to rent again.
  • Gathering feedback, posting reviews and encouraging recommendations across your guests’ social media is a must. We’re onto it fast, full of suggestions and quick with the ‘thank yous’.

Select service property management

Some clients prefer to do some of the work themselves in the early stages of renting their property. If you have time on your hands and the flexibility to work around your guests, this may be for you.  For example, you may be happy to look after the cleaning, key drops and linen changes but hand marketing, rental payments and liaising with guests to a property manager.

Ask yourself, “What type of property manager do I need?”

Only you know how much time you have and where your expertise lies. Do you want to be hands-off or hands-on? If the cost of engaging a property manager is a concern, talk it through with one or two property management teams. You might be surprised to know that when you weigh up your options, there’s nothing to lose and much to gain by going full service. Professional marketing and real estate expertise will be more likely keep your Perth rental investment occupied and earning consistently.

If you’re still not sure, it’s worth the effort of sitting down with one or two property managers to discuss your options. As we said, there’s no one-size-fits-all, just the right fit for you.

Our Guests are happier. Happy Guests = Great Returns. Simple.

The place was immaculately presented and maintained, with every feature present, just as advertised. The communication from host Phoebe was swift, effortless and delightful. I would highly recommend this apartment. We didn’t want to leave

Airbnb Guest