How to Choose an Airbnb Property Manager Who’s Right for You

How to Choose an Airbnb Property Manager Who’s Right for You

How to Choose an Airbnb Property Manager Who’s Right for You

With the ever-growing supply of Airbnb properties, there’s also an ever-growing supply of Airbnb property management services.

But how to choose an Airbnb property manager who’s the perfect fit for you? Who? And why?

  1. Hit Google (Bing or Yahoo)

It’s easily done, you search ‘Airbnb property managers’ and an endless list pops up (and keeps coming). Daunting, to say the least.  Yet, adding one or two additional words can narrow results tremendously—and save you heaps of time, effort and pain in the process. Like, ‘Airbnb property managers Perth’ or ‘Airbnb property managers WA’ (or wherever your property happens to be).

Move past the paid ads.  They always appear at the top of the page and may mislead you into thinking they’re the best or most popular.  Check them out for sure, but don’t stop there. Keep scrolling down the page and onto subsequent pages.

  1. Move past the pictures

We’ve all done it. Been taken by glamorous images in coffee table books and glossy magazines. These days we do it with websites. Of course, it matters. We buy with our eyes after all. But at this stage, you’re buying the property management service and not the property, so move past the website glossiness to find what’s in it for you. Which leads us to…

  1. Know what you’ll pay (and what you’ll get)

The cost of Airbnb property management varies. Some property managers charge specific prices for specific tasks. Others, a percentage of your property’s rental and some, a mix of both. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you can compare apples with apples and put your mind at ease.

Be sure to check exactly what you’ll get in return. It’s perfectly possible for say, three property managers to charge the same percentage of rental return, but offer considerably different services.

Be mindful of ‘the list’.  Just because some list every minute detail, it doesn’t mean you’re getting more for your money. It’s just that others might collate similar things under one heading. A longer list does not indicate more value.

  1. Be clear on what matters to you

Only you know what’s important to you. Of course, you want the best rental returns for your property but how will you get them? You might be looking for a more transactional, virtual relationship that’s mainly based on price and/or convenience?  (This is often the case for those renting their property periodically.)

Or you may have your eyes on longer-term goals and need a property manager with real estate and investment property experience who can offer additional advice and expertise.

Both are ‘property managers’. Both are fine —but only if they suit your needs and can provide the service you seek.

  1. Talking is good

It sounds old-fashioned but talking is good. Your property is your pride and joy, cost you a lot of money and you want it treated with love and respect.  No hiccups. No problems. No costly mistakes. And no emotional upsets. Right? So, do yourself a favour, pick up the phone and talk. Get a feel for the person you’re considering handing your property to and, ask heaps of questions. Compare what you hear and the property managers you speak to. Base your choice on facts … and gut instinct. Set up a meeting and take it from there.

There’s no doubt that Airbnb opportunities is huge, with more and more people preferring to book Airbnb properties over hotels, serviced apartments and the like.  For sure, opportunities abound, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Getting your special place to stand up and shout loud so it’s seen, heard and booked, takes time and effort.

If you want to get there faster, choose the right level of expertise for your goals —and the right style and fit for you.





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